The end of the soggy fruit on the bottom of my yogurt cups !!

Seriously what jacktard was like “Lets take this totally healthy yogurt, and freaking stick a crap ton of preservative jacked mushy ass fruit all up in that. ” Maybe its just me but I can not stand the mushy fruit that gets put in parfaits yogurt and etc. So I found my super easy super good way to get that shot of my probiotics daily without having to plug my nose and endure like a college freshman at a keg party.


My ingredients : Greek yogurt (my fav), and spreadable fruit (aka jam)
-I put the whole jar of jam in a separate bowl.
-Then i took my ghetto hand mixer (come on tax time momma wants a kitchen aid) and whipped it until it was smooth.
-Added the yogurt and whipped it to death until it was all blended.
Enjoy!! The result was perfect! I know this is a no brainer but i like my yogurt tarty with a little bit of sweet and this marriage was magical !!