Free Printable : Meal Planner

So I thought I would share my menu planner with the world since it simplifies my life and grocery shopping immensely  I just fill it out and put it in the front section of my binder.  I never have to wonder what to make and i always have what i need for everything. So no mid week grocery runs. Enjoy!

1: Month
2: Breakfast (Normally i only fill out the top five and just repeat it for the second week)
3: Lunches (Same process as breakfast)
4: Dinners (Typically i do 13 dinners and 2 leftover days)
5: I do my menus and grocery shopping every 2 weeks so its set up to do 15 days seperated by the two different colors
6: I usually put my snacks and desserts i want to make here.

Menu instructionalemenu png


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