Free Printable : Meal Planner

So I thought I would share my menu planner with the world since it simplifies my life and grocery shopping immensely  I just fill it out and put it in the front section of my binder.  I never have to wonder what to make and i always have what i need for everything. So no mid week grocery runs. Enjoy!

1: Month
2: Breakfast (Normally i only fill out the top five and just repeat it for the second week)
3: Lunches (Same process as breakfast)
4: Dinners (Typically i do 13 dinners and 2 leftover days)
5: I do my menus and grocery shopping every 2 weeks so its set up to do 15 days seperated by the two different colors
6: I usually put my snacks and desserts i want to make here.

Menu instructionalemenu png


The end of the soggy fruit on the bottom of my yogurt cups !!

Seriously what jacktard was like “Lets take this totally healthy yogurt, and freaking stick a crap ton of preservative jacked mushy ass fruit all up in that. ” Maybe its just me but I can not stand the mushy fruit that gets put in parfaits yogurt and etc. So I found my super easy super good way to get that shot of my probiotics daily without having to plug my nose and endure like a college freshman at a keg party.


My ingredients : Greek yogurt (my fav), and spreadable fruit (aka jam)
-I put the whole jar of jam in a separate bowl.
-Then i took my ghetto hand mixer (come on tax time momma wants a kitchen aid) and whipped it until it was smooth.
-Added the yogurt and whipped it to death until it was all blended.
Enjoy!! The result was perfect! I know this is a no brainer but i like my yogurt tarty with a little bit of sweet and this marriage was magical !!